This is the "HOME" page, we like the word "home" and all that it brings to mind, warmth, smores by the fireplace, faithful dogs curled up at your feet, etc. We don't have any smores and our dogs are not that faithful or well behaved but we like the sound of it all.

Welcome and Aloha from the 
Dashboard Hula Girls TM 
we are so happy to have you visit us.......
The Dashboard Hula Girls welcome you. We, in our own little way, channel the blues of the early 20th century as a stepping off point for what we do today. The blues are rich, lush, emotional music that is well worth revisiting and we hope you think so too.

We are not Hawaiian, we aren't really playing any Hawaiian music although we own a few ukes, but we have a weakness for kitsch, and Matilda, our hula girl mascot, really can shake it. 

While we work on an EP to be ready by spring of 2013 we are making two tracks available as free downloads! We hope you enjoy them, if not, console yourself with the fact that they are free!
We will be back with a full plate of tracks for you soon
Dashboard Hula Girls is a registered Trademark